Excursions and Activities

Excursions and Activities Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and Tour operators. – the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church. More »


GUCA ACCOMMODATION 2017 We organize private accommodation in our motel Inn Curcic (Konak Curcic), Guca Also we rent every year capacities in few hotels/villas in Guca and in hotels couple kilometers from More »

Guca Camping

GUCA CAMPING Camps “Curcic” and “Guca” and is located just couple meters from stadium where all concerts organize. Camping “Centar” is located near Police station. Camp “Serbia4Youth” first time in 2013 bring More »


Transportation airport Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade, Accommodation, Excursions, Activities (Guca Trumpet Festival 2015) 1.Transportation Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade We arrange transportation from Belgrade to Guca and back to Belgrade. Transfer time about 3 hours. How More »



Guca Accommodation
Transportation airport
Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade, Accommodation, Excursions, Activities
1.Transportation Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade
We arrange transportation from Belgrade to Guca and back to Belgrade. Transfer time about 3 hours. How more persons goes on the same transfer how cheaper it is. Send a date, and contact details like number of person, time when you arrive, where you want to pick you up on guca@booking-hotels.biz or call us on +381(61)6154768; +381(64)5558581;
If you arrive on Nikola Tesla Airport we recomend to you to make pre-reservation also for our taxi transport. For group up to 6 person aprox. price to transfer you from Airport to Guca and from Guca to Airport about 349 EUR. Considering that return ticket price (per person) from main bus station in Belgrade cost about 50 EUR + local bus from airport to bus station 1.5 EUR, total cost will be about 330 EUR.

TransportationNumber of personOne way total price
Return total price
Private, max. 4 persons 99.99199.99
Private, max. 6 persons 149.99299.99
Private, max. 8 persons 199.99399.99
Private, max. 16 persons299.99599.99
Private, max. 24 persons 399.99799.99



So, we recomend to you to make reservation for our taxi transport because price is almost same.

TransportationNumber of personOne way/per personReturn price/per person
Private, max. 3 persons 40 EUR80 EUR
Private, max. 6 persons 35 EUR70 EUR
Private, max. 8 persons 30 EUR60 EUR
Private, max. 16 persons25 EUR50 EUR
Private, max. 24 persons 20 EUR40 EUR


– Local Bus ticket from Aiport to bus station Belgrade cost 1.5 EUR.
– Return Bus ticket from main Bus station Belgrade to Guca per person cost 49 EUR]


ServiceTariff 1
(06:00 A.M.-10:00 P.M)
Tariff 2
(10:00 P.M.-06:00 A.M,
Weekdays and Holidays)
Tariff 3
(Outside City)
Start1.7 EUR1.7 EUR1.7 EUR
Price Per km0.65 EUR0.85 EUR1.3 EUR
Waiting Per Hour7 EUR7 EUR7 EUR


In order to enhance taxi service from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the Assembly of City of Belgrade is introducing ongoing project aiming to organize new taxi service regulation system from Belgrade Airport. As a part of this project, the price of a taxi service from the airport is divided into five zones.

After you receive our offer you decide if you want to book transportation or not.
If you arrive at Belgrade airport take the bus to the bus station. Take here the bus directly to Guca or first to Cacak and than to Guca. Schedule table you can check here:
Departure timeArrival timeReturn ticketPeronKmBus stationViaCarrierPrice (EUR)
05:5508:40YES15145BelgradeCacak, IvanjicaAutoprevoz Cacak15
07:0009:50YES15146BelgradeCacak, Pozega & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
08:2511:15YES15146BelgradeCacak, Uzice & Zlatibor
Autoprevoz Cacak15
09:0011:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
10:0012:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz GM14
11:0013:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
12:0014:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
13:0015:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
14:0016:50YES15146BelgradeCacak & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
14:4517:25YES14145BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
15:0017:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
15:2518:10YES17146BelgradeGornji Milanovac, Cacak & Uzice
Feniks GIZ9
16:0018:55YES15144BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
16:3019:20YES15146BelgradeCacak, Pozega & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
17:0019:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
17:3020:00YES14146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
18:0020:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
18:3021:35YES15146BelgradeCacak, Uzice & Zlatibor
Autoprevoz Cacak15
19:0021:50-15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz GM14
20:0022:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
21:2000:10YES12145BelgradeCacak & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15


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