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Bus, Taxi – Belgrade Airport to city

Bus, Taxi – Belgrade Airport to city

If you arrive on Nikola Tesla Airport we recomend to you to make pre-reservation also for our taxi transport.For group up to 6 person aprox. price to transfer you from Airport to Guca and from Guca to Airport about 349 EUR. Considering that return ticket price (per person) from main bus station in Belgrade cost about 50 EUR + local bus from airport to bus station 1.5 EUR, total cost will be about 330 EUR.

Number of personTime requestReturn ticket price
up to 4 personup to 24 hours in Gucasend request
up to 6 personup to 24 hours in Gucasend request
up to 8 personup to 24 hours in Gucasend request

After you receive our offer you decide if you want to book transportation or not.

If you arrive at Belgrade airport take the bus to the bus station. Take here the bus directly to Guca or first to Cacak and than to Guca. Schedule table you can check here:


TransportationNumber of personOne way total price
Return total price
Private, max. 4 persons 99.99199.99
Private, max. 6 persons 149.99299.99
Private, max. 8 persons 199.99399.99
Private, max. 16 persons299.99599.99
Private, max. 24 persons 399.99799.99


 So, we recomend to you to make reservation for our taxi transport because price is almost same.

TransportationNumber of personOne way/per personReturn price/per person
Private, max. 3 persons 40 EUR80 EUR
Private, max. 6 persons 35 EUR70 EUR
Private, max. 8 persons 30 EUR60 EUR
Private, max. 16 persons25 EUR50 EUR
Private, max. 24 persons 20 EUR40 EUR


– Local Bus ticket from Aiport to bus station Belgrade cost 1.5 EUR.
– Return Bus ticket from main Bus station Belgrade to Guca per person cost 49 EUR]


ServiceTariff 1
(06:00 A.M.-10:00 P.M)
Tariff 2
(10:00 P.M.-06:00 A.M,
Weekdays and Holidays)
Tariff 3
(Outside City)
Start1.7 EUR1.7 EUR1.7 EUR
Price Per km0.65 EUR0.85 EUR1.3 EUR
Waiting Per Hour7 EUR7 EUR7 EUR


In order to enhance taxi service from Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport, the Assembly of City of Belgrade is introducing ongoing project aiming to organize new taxi service regulation system from Belgrade Airport. As a part of this project, the price of a taxi service from the airport is divided into five zones.

Belgrade Line 72 and Mini bus linе A1 go from airport Nikola Tesla to Belgrade center.

Public Bus Transport from Airport Nikola Tesla

Public Bus Transport from Airport Nikola Tesla


Prices valid until 01.05.2015

Private Accommodation:

AccommodationNumber of personNumber of nightsIncluding one meal per dayPrice (EUR)
Motel „As“ GucaMinimum 2 person3yessend request
Hotel „Zlatna truba“ GucaMinimum 2 person4yessend request
Hotel Lucani, GucaMinimum 2 person4yessend request
Tourism Resort Vajat, DragacevoMinimum 2 person3yessend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person5lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person4lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person3lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person2lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person1lunch -8 EURsend request
Accommodation taxPer person1-


Motel Curici, Guca:

CategoryRoom TypePrice per personMin days
1/2Double Roomsend request5
1/3Triple roomsend request5
1/4Four bed roomsend request5
1/1Single roomsend request4
1/2Double Roomsend request4
1/3Triple roomsend request4
1/4Four bed roomsend request4
1/1Single roomsend request3
1/2Double Roomsend request3
1/3Triple roomsend request3
1/4Four bed roomsend request3
1/1Single roomsend request2
1/2Double Roomsend request2
1/3Triple roomsend request2
1/4Four bed roomsend request2
1/1Single roomsend request1
1/2Double Roomsend request1
1/3Triple roomsend request1
1/4Four bed roomsend request1
xExtra payment Lunchsend request
xAccomodation taxsend request


Prices valid until 01.05.2015

Name of CampNumber of personNumber of person / nightMinimum daysLocationPrice (EUR)
Camp "Curcic", Gucamore than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camp "Curcic", Gucaless than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camp "Guca", Gucamore than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camp "Guca", Gucaless than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camping "Center", Gucamore than 10 person13Police stationsend request
Camping "Centar", Gucaless than 10 person13Police stationsend request


Following the trace of Serbian spirituality

Following the trace of Serbian spirituality
Day 1th: Arrival to Belgrade. Meeting of passengers and representatives of the agency at the airport Nikola Tesla – Belgrade. Transfer to the hotel. Spare time. Overnight.Day 2nd: Breakfast. Route: Belgrade – Vrnjačka Banja [spa]
Sanctum places of Serbian capital [St. Petka Chapel and Church Ružica, Orthodox Church and Patriarch’s residence, St. Sava’s Temple, the biggest Orthodox Temple in the Balkans]. Departure to Vrnajčka banja. Visit to the Monasteries Pokajnica, Manasija, and Ravanica; lunch in the monastery. Arrival to Vrnajčka banja. Accommodation. Overnight.Day 3rd: Breakfast. Route: Vrnajčka banja – Monasteries Žiča, Ljubostinja, KalenićVrnjačka Banja. Lunch is planned in Monastery Kalenić. Visit to the open – air Museum “Kalenić” and familiarizing with the old Serbian crafts: weaving, spinning, knitting, basket weaving. Presentation of the national architecture and traditional usable objects. Return to Vrnjačka Banja. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 4th: Breakfast. Spare time. Route: Vrnjačka BanjaMonastery Studenica.
Visit to Monasteries Djurdjevi Stupovi, Sopoćani. Arrival to Monastery Studenica. Lunch. Accommodation in the Monastery’s residential building and presence to the evening prayer. Overnight

Day 5th: Breakfast in the Monastery residential building. Route: Studenica – Ovčar banja [spa] – Ovčarsko – Kablarska Gorge – Valjevo

Visit to Monastery Gradac [long hiking tour] and St. Peter’s Church on the way to Ovčar Banja. Arrival to Ovčar banja. Lunch in the national restaurant. Visit to the Monasteries of Ovčarsko – Kablarska Gorge: Vavedenje [Presentation of the Virgin], Vaznesenje [Resurrection], Sretenje [Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple], Svete Trojice Blagovestenje [Annunciation of Holy Trinity], Ilinje, Savinje, Nikolje, Jovanje i Uspenje [Dormition]. Departure to Valjevo. Accommodation. Overnight.

Day 6th: Breakfast. Route: Valjevo – village Sitarice – Valjevo.
Petnica cave, Research Center in Petnica. Visit to the old city center Tešnjar, Muselin’s konak [hist. castle, palace], the monument of the greatest Serbian army commander Živojin Mišić, and the monument of poetess Desanka Maksimović]. Visit of the Monasteries Ćelije and Lelić in which are the relics of the Bishop Nikolaj Velimirović, the Orthodox theologian and writer from 20th century. Visit to the Monastery Pustinja from 14th century, built during the rule of the Nemanjić royal family.

Visit to the village Sitarice on the hillsides of Medvednik Mountain. This is the place with traditional, old Serbian houses, outbuildings, folklore, customs and traditional dishes of Serbian cuisine are preserved and cherished. In the yard of an old authentic village house, Serbian dining table brimming with national dishes and drinks, traditional Serbian host, songs and dancing typical for this part of Serbia, welcomes guests. Return to the hotel. Overnight.

Day 7th Breakfast. Route: Valjevo – Soko Grad – Monastery Tronoša – Tršić – Belgrade
Departure from Valjevo. Arrival to Soko Grad and visit to the Monastery Complex of “Soko Grad”. Short break. Departure to Monastery Tronoša and Trsić. Visit to the Monastery Tronoša and monastery residential building. Visit to the Ethnographic Commemorative Park and Commemorative House dedicated to the father of Serbian literacy Vuk Stefanović Karadžić in Tršić. Lunch break and individual activities. Departure to Belgrade in the evening. Accommodation in the hotel. Overnight.

Day 8th: Breakfast. Transfer to the airport; departure.

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