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Motel Inn Curcic Guca

Motel Inn Curcic Guca is new one motel and have 150 beds located near river and stadium where Guca Trumpet Festival every year organized.

We organize private accommodation in our Motel Inn Curcic Guca with one meal per day per person trough Guca Trumpet Festival. Also, we have exclusive accommodation in Guca in Vajat apartments. For all guests we make transfer from Belgrade airport to Guca, or from city Cacak to Guca.

The sound of the trumpet traditionally accompanies every major event in Serbia’s rural and small-town life: births, baptisms, weddings, Slav (family patron saint day), farewell parties for those joining military service, state and church festivals, harvesting, reaping, and also departing this world. Appropriate music is played on these occasions, thus preserving the spirit of the existing tradition.
From then until now the trumpet has reigned here uninterrupted while woodwind instruments, in keeping with the customs, warm the soul of its population.
Please bring with you flag of your country because we will organize multi-cultural program for all guest. Our accommodation is one of the best, and we have capacities to cover a lot of accommodation for people who want to come in Guca Trumpet Festival.


Motel Curcic Guca Motel Curcic Guca
We organize private accommodation in our Motel Inn Curcic Guca with one meal per day per person trough Guca Trumpet Festival. Also, we have exclusive accommodation in Guca in Vajat apartments.  For all guests we can make transfer from Belgrade airport to Guca, or from city Cacak to Guca.
CategoryRoom TypePrice per personMin days
1/2Double Roomsend request5
1/3Triple roomsend request5
1/4Four bed roomsend request5
1/1Single roomsend request4
1/2Double Roomsend request4
1/3Triple roomsend request4
1/4Four bed roomsend request4
1/1Single roomsend request3
1/2Double Roomsend request3
1/3Triple roomsend request3
1/4Four bed roomsend request3
1/1Single roomsend request2
1/2Double Roomsend request2
1/3Triple roomsend request2
1/4Four bed roomsend request2
1/1Single roomsend request1
1/2Double Roomsend request1
1/3Triple roomsend request1
1/4Four bed roomsend request1
xExtra payment Lunchsend request
xAccomodation taxsend request
Until 01.07. we will make reservation with discount price for all tourism agencies from all over the world like there are: Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, US America, Canada, Turkey, Japan, China, Luxembourg’s, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and all other countries all over the world.


Arrangement Guca Transport with Accommodation

Arrangement Guca Transport with Accommodation
1. Transportation – Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade,
2. Accommodation: in hotels near Guca or in two and three bed rooms in private homes in the center of Guča. Places are limited, and reservations are necessary,
3. Special offer: Transportation and Accommodation for four Days – arrangement,
4. Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and Tour operators. – the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church.The drive last around 3 hours and we arrive in Guca in the afternoon:
– your Guca hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation,
– after we accommodate, you can relax and enjoy your one and only trip to this festival of trumpeters,During your stay, we can organize different activities and excursions such as: Visit to Mountain Zlatibor, Sargan Eight – the narrowest narrow – Gage railroad, Mecavnik – film city of Emir Kusturica, unique ethno village Sirogojno, Tara rafting and many more.
Bus transportation and ticket prices from main bus station Belgrade to Cacak and Guca (Belgrade-Cacak-Guca)
Departure timeArrival timeReturn ticketPeronKmBus stationViaCarrierPrice (EUR)
05:5508:40YES15145BelgradeCacak, IvanjicaAutoprevoz Cacak15
07:0009:50YES15146BelgradeCacak, Pozega & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
08:2511:15YES15146BelgradeCacak, Uzice & Zlatibor
Autoprevoz Cacak15
09:0011:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
10:0012:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz GM14
11:0013:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
12:0014:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
13:0015:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
14:0016:50YES15146BelgradeCacak & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
14:4517:25YES14145BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
15:0017:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
15:2518:10YES17146BelgradeGornji Milanovac, Cacak & Uzice
Feniks GIZ9
16:0018:55YES15144BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
16:3019:20YES15146BelgradeCacak, Pozega & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
17:0019:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
17:3020:00YES14146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
18:0020:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
18:3021:35YES15146BelgradeCacak, Uzice & Zlatibor
Autoprevoz Cacak15
19:0021:50-15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz GM14
20:0022:55YES15146BelgradeLjig & Gornji Milanovac
Autoprevoz Cacak15
21:2000:10YES12145BelgradeCacak & Arilje
Autoprevoz Cacak15
* Please check the cost of your ticket directly with the carrier.If you interesting for reservation you can contact us by email on: guca@booking-hotels.biz; or calling number: +381 (61) 615 4768;

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