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Guca open Camp

Camping Guca Festival – Center, Cross the Stadium
Guca Camp Curcic: Entry and stay in the camp allowed only with legitimacy by each each guest upon arrival to camp.  Stewards who are responsible for preserving peace and order in the camp, will take care of your safety, and professional staff will provide you with all necessary assistance and information.
Name of CampNumber of personNumber of person / nightMinimum daysLocationPrice (EUR)
Camp "Curcic", Gucamore than 10 person13Across the stadium6
Camp "Curcic", Gucaless than 10 person13Across the stadium9
Camp "Guca", Gucamore than 10 person13Across the stadium6
Camp "Guca", Gucaless than 10 person13Across the stadium6
Camping "Center", Gucamore than 10 person13Police station6
Camping "Centar", Gucaless than 10 person13Police station9
Campers will be available:
– Washrooms with toilet cubicles, sinks and showers with hot water
– Parking for vehicles
– Coffee
– Rechargeable mobile phone
Camping Guca Festival
Tents can be rented, which means that every visitor to camp must bring a tent or sleeping bag with you. Place in the camp is reserved by phone. Reservation is valid until the end of the Parliament, so that the arrival in camp the first day of work is optional. Price at the camp is fixed regardless of the number of days spent in the camp. If you do not reserve a place in the camp, accommodation will be possible only if the camp sites remain free.
Contact: +381.64.555.8581

One day tour Tara

One day tour Tara: Belgrade-VišegradFoča. Rafting 3.5h,Sastavci

One day tour along most exciting and most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km:
– starting from Belgrade early in the morning and traveling via Uzice, Višegrad and Foca to the camp. Meeting with our hosts and surroundings.
– breakfast till 10: 30 – specialty of domestic kitchen,
– changing of wardrobe into rafting equipment. Each participant gets neoprene suit, neoprene boots, life jacket and adventure starts,
– transportation by jeeps and vans to Brštenovica starting point of our friendship with River Tara till 11:30h,
– formation of the rafting teams, introduction to the skipper and basics of rafting and team work. Capacity of the boats in 10 – 12 persons and it is very important to obey skipper’s instruction,
– on board to 12:00h rs and rafting starts on the most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km where are a lot of exciting experience is expected as rapids Celije, Vjernovice grade 5, Borovi, Varda, Cegrlo grade 4, and other 17 which aren’t to be underestimated.
– rafting lasts around 3, 5 hours with brakes for swimming and rest in Kulina, Manita vrela, Šipcanica streams,
– arrival at Camp Sastavci around 16:00h and change of wardrobe,
– lunch – specialties of domestic and oriental kitchen, Rafting soup, rousted lamb,
– rest after lunch and departure of Rafters.

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