Rafting river Tara – Extreme sports

Rafting river Tara – Extreme sports
One day tour along most exciting and most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km:
– starting from Belgrade early in the morning and traveling via Užice, Višegrad and Foča to the camp. Meeting with our hosts and surroundings.
– breakfast till 10: 30 – specialty of domestic kitchen,
– changing of wardrobe into rafting equipment. Each participant gets neoprene suit, neoprene boots, life jacket and adventure starts,
– transportation by jeeps and vans to Brštenovica starting point of our friendship with River Tara till 11:30h,
– formation of the rafting teams, introduction to the skipper and basics of rafting and team work. Capacity of the boats in 10 – 12 persons and it is very important to obey skipper’s instruction,
– on board to 12:00h rs and rafting starts on the most attractive part of the River Tara total length 14km where are a lot of exciting experience is expected as rapids Celije, Vjernovice grade 5, Borovi, Varda, Cegrlo grade 4, and other 17 which aren’t to be underestimated.
– rafting lasts around 3, 5 hours with brakes for swimming and rest in Kulina, Manita vrela, Šipcanica streams,
– arrival at Camp Sastavci around 16:00h and change of wardrobe,
– lunch – specialties of domestic and oriental kitchen, Rafting soup, rousted lamb,
– rest after lunch and departure of Rafters.

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