Private accommodation Danica Pilipovic

Private accommodation Danica Pilipovic located on a beautiful hill near the women’s cooperative in D. Dubac, which is accessed by the river Bjelica. It has a category II. Equipped to meet all your demands for better and more beautiful holiday. It has 2 bedrooms, bathroom, telephone, small swimming pool in summer days, in the living room has a fireplace that will provide the evening most important tranquility and a romance that would not feel totally isolated from civilization that it is possible to use the Internet.


Otherwise, Mrs. Danica Pilipovic is known to be with her you will try a variety of homemade teas and juices to prepare herself and her famous homemade black bread of 9 types of grains. Household is located inside the forest, so you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful walks, picking herbs, berries and you can also prepare teas in which hosts will help. If you’re interested you can learn to weave on the loom. So you had no fear of that must recommend these genuine people spend a holiday and return to your home with unforgettable memories.


If you interesting for reservation of apartment in Guca, you can contact us by email on or calling number +381(64)5558581.

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