Milos Velickovic trumpet player

Milos Velickovic trumpet player

Milos Velickovic, Brass band “Barka”, Knjazevac

Milos Velickovic was born in 1984 in Knjazevac. Milos finish secondary school for machine technician in Knjazevac. With music he deals since 1996, then began to play the accordion with keyboard. He forming Orchestra Brass band “Barka” from Knjazevca, in the 1998. year, when he started to play the trumpet. Awards and Recognition: With Orchestra Brass band “Barka” he has performed at many events, festivals in Serbia, in many cities and countries around the world and won many awards.

The biggest prize was in competition in Guca like the youngest band: 2004. and 2005.,  second place, and in 2006. he won first place. In the senior category: 2011 he won “The Golden Apple” award for the best band in 2012 and the award for Best performed round. At the international competition: 2013. his band get award for the best Guca Brass band. Collaboration: He has cooperation with many famous musicians and composers, and had the honor to be with orchestra “Balkanika” of composer Sanja Ilic.

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