East Serbia Tour – Stara planina

East Serbia Tour – Stara Planina, Romuliana, Lepenski Vir, Djerdap

Tour highlights: Horse carriage ride and a visit to ergella in Ljubičevo, Visit to the Bee Monument in Kamenovo, Visit to Gornjak, Vratna and Manasija monasteries, Visit and swim in Borsko Lake, Visit to Brestovacka, Gamzigradska i Soko Banja spas.

Drive along the Danube highways and visit the Djerdap National Park.
– visit to the paleolite and neolite digs in Lepenski Vir,
– visit to Felix Romuliana ruins from the period of Roman Emperor Maximilanus,
– visit to Stara Planina and it’s peaks Babin Zub and Midzor,
– visit to Resavska Cave, one of the most unique caves in this part of Europe,
– visit to Belgrade with sightseeing and an unforgetable night on one of the rafts.

Day 1: Friday [85km]
Arrival at the Belgrade Airoport. Transfer to Požarevac. Quick stop for sightseeinf of Ljubičevo and Horce Carriage ride on the way to Požarevac. Accommodation in hotel Boem. Dinner in the fish restaurant in Kostolac on Danube. Rest.

Day 2: Saturday [184km]
Breakfast. Departure for Donji Milanovac on Danube. Sightseeing of Kamenovo village, home to numerous bee farmers. Ride through Homoljska Valley and Gornjacka Gorge. Visit to Gornjak Monastery from 14th century. Departure for Borsko Lake. Rest and swimming. Lunch in Brestovacka Banja Spa. Arrival at the hotel Lepenski Vir. Dinner and rest.

Day 3: Sunday [238km]
Breakfast. Sightseeing of Lepenski Vir and its paleolite and neolite archeological digs. Drive and sightseeing of Djerdap National Park with lunch in Kladovo. Sightseeing of Vratna Monastery and Mt. Miroc. Dinner and rest in Gamzigradska Banja Spa.

Day 4: Monday [111km]
Breakfast. Departure for Stara Planina. Visit to Felix Romuliana, archeological location from the period of the Roman Emperor Maximilianus. Arrival at Babin Zub, accommodation, lunch and free afternoon. Dinner and rest.

Day 5: Tuesday [95km]
Breakfast. Hiking tour, 12km long, to Mt. Midzor 2, 170m] or a shorter option to the Babin Zub Peak. Lunch. Departure for Soko Banja. Dinner and rest.

Day 6: Wedresday [163km]
Breakfast. Sightseeing of Soko Banja Spa and medieval Soko Grad. Departure over Mt. Rtanj to Krivi Vir. Quick stop for herbla tea shopping along the way. Also degustation of cheeses and a visit to Manasija Monastery from 15th century. Continuing to Resavska Cave and Mt. Beljanica. Lunch in a restaurant next to Veliki Buk waterfalls. Return to Despotovac, accommodation, dinner and rest.

Day 7: Thursday
Breakfast. Departure for Belgrade by minibus. Lunch in Belgrade. Sightseeing tour of the city and NATO bombing ruins. Accommodation in hotel. Goodbye Party with dinner and music on one of the famous rafts in Belgrade. Rest.

Day 8: Friday
Early breakfast. Transfer to Belgrade Airport

What else:
– eat healthy ethnic food and take honey from Kamenovo and cheese from Krivi Vir as souvenirs,
– spend time in the fresh mountain air, beneficial for people with respiratory problems,
– stress management program in hotel Babin Zub,
– relax and enjoy nature the ancient way,
– receive a surprise gift.

Tour details:
– 7 half boards,
– 6 lunches,
– a number of transfers: Guide Service: 2 + 1,
– tickets for all locations.


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