Danube and Sava cruise – Belgrade by boat: Birthday, River Wedding

Danube and Sava cruise – Belgrade by boat: Birthday, River Wedding

“25th May” sports center, Belgrade fort, orthodox cathedral possibility, bridges on the Sava of renting the boat, Čukarica channel between official tours, Ada Ciganlija island, return to the Yugoslavia hotel pier for the following purposes:
– birthday parties,
– river wedding,
– organizing programs lasting Several HRS.
Belgrade churches and monasteries, organized groups duration 240 min by bus with 28, 50 and 70 seats. Ruzica church, [the oldest orthodox church in Belgrade – 16th century], St. Petka chapel, old Belgrade core, patriarch’s residence, orthodox cathedral, St. Sava church, Vavedenje monastery, and Rakovica monastery, departure in front of the hotel.
Night adventure and cruising the Danube and Sava rivers, through its confluence at the very heart of Belgrade, the magic lights of Kalemegdan fortress, with the dinner and price of 20 € are reasons strong enough to engage in mini adventure and cruising Belgrade with us!
Danube and Sava Cruise

Danube and Sava Cruise

The capacity of the ship is 40 passengers and it is equipped with a mini-bar, toilet, heating system and the mobile furnishings, so that the interior can be used for different purposes. Large glass surfaces allow stunning panoramic views on the river and coastal.

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