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Dejan Petrovic Trumpet Master

Dejan Petrovic, the son and successor of the most famous Serbian trumpet player Mica Petrovic, was born in 1985 in the village of Duboko, near Uzice.

Dejan and his brother Darko belong to the fourth generation of trumpet players in their family of music manufacturers.The first one to start playing the trumpet was Dejan’s great grandfather Tanasije and since then the skill has been passed down from father to son. Tanasije’s successor was Danilo and then his son Mica, who deserves credit for the world fame of this instrument.

It is certain that he was a man ahead of his time – a visionary or an artist who knew how to use the God’s gift and who could touch the soul of any man just by a simple sound of the trumpet. He gave good guidance to his sons Dejan and Darko, who showed interest for music from an early age.

At the age of six, Dejan played for the first time in front of an audience and, instead of spending his childhood playing with his friends; he spent time with his father and his orchestra, learning the secrets and the beauty of music until he recognized them within his very soul.

By the age of twelve he had already had his own, junior orchestra. Unfortunately, four years later he lost his father and, a great burden which was not easy to carry, fell upon him. Nevertheless, he did not surrender. Strong-minded, he followed his father’s footsteps to the point when he had to go further and choose his own path. With a lot of hard work and efforts put in, with the help and support of his brother Darko and other members of the band, Dejan, a young trumpet player, won prestigious awards as well as hearts of the audience wherever he performed. Success followed success until finally he surpassed the achievements of his father at the competition in Guca in 2006, winning the “Master’s Letter”, the most prominent award at the competition. And so the twenty-year-old from the village of Duboko went down in history as the youngest Master of the Trumpet and as an artist with a potential to win the world in the same manner.

He always loved to “play” with music: to put together the disparate, to perform the unseen, to achieve the impossible; always following modern trends, but never losing touch with his origin, tradition and music that made him.

The name Dejan Petrovic became a synonym for traditional Serbian music everywhere in the world, often combined with modern elements and adjusted for everybody’s ear.

He is not called The Ambassador of the Serbian Trumpet for no reason!

For fifteen years now, one could hear the name Dejan Petrovic Orchestra in the finals of every trumpet orchestra competition in the country, but also abroad. This is the best proof of the quality and a driving force to go further, to wish, to work and to achieve even more.

Dejan Petrovic Orchestra exists since 1996 and its founder and mentor Mica Petrovic, was a master trumpet player and a legend of the Serbian trumpet playing. A group of beardless boys, led by Dejan Petrovic, since their very first competition participation, have been winning one award after another and hasn’t stopped yet on their way to the top. Always leaving their audience open-mouthed in amazement and exhilaration, they let everyone know that, behind this image of cute little boys, lies tremendous work and dedication to their call. The hearts of the audience were captured.

It took them five years to reach their maturity, to stop with the junior orchestra competitions and get to grips with much older and more experienced rivals. As it happens, quality prevailed. Unique and matchless, of a distinguished sound and image, Dejan Petrovic Orchestra stands firmly on the top of the Serbian trumpet scene. Having won everything there was to win, in 2010 Dejan and his orchestra decided to stop competing at the Guca festival, to give space to new, young orchestras and to move on.

It is no surprise that many influential people in the music and film industry have chosen this orchestra as their co-workers, Emir Kusturica being one of the most important one, who they have been working with for seven years now. They have made music for a number of his films and not a single Kustendorf festival took place without Dejan and his orchestra.

MILION ZA ŠAMPIONA GUČE Dragačevski sabor trubača od 10. do 14. avgusta

Ovogodišnji 56 Dragačevski sabor trubača biće održan od 10. do 14. avgusta, a uz mnoge novine uvedena je i takmičarska kategorija ”Šampion Guče” gde će se nadmetati najbolji trubači i orkestri nosioci prestižnih priznanja sa ove trubačke manifestacije.

Prošlogodišnji pobednici Guče

Foto: Zoran Lončarević / RAS SrbijaProšlogodišnji pobednici Guče

Nagrada (novčana) za pobednika u ovom nadmetanju simboličnog je naziva”Milion za šampiona” . Učesnici će ujedno dobiti odobrenje da mogu predstavljati Guču u zemlji i inostranstvu, a pobednici Srbiju u svetu.

“Morali smo da osmislimo kako naše najbolje trubače da vratimo u Guču i na takmičenje a istovremeno da damo šansu mlađima da napreduju. Svako ko osvoji, u tradiocionalnom takmičenju, zvanje majstora trube imao bi i dalje zabranu da se takmiči za isto zvanje, a na ovaj način stiče pravo da se nadmeće, u neku ruku kao profesionalac, sa svojim kolegama majstorima trube za najviše zvanje Guče „Šampion Guče“, i to bez ograničenja, što znači da može biti višestruki šampion Guče ukoliko bude pobeđivao i narednih godina”, kaže Slobodan Jolović, predsednik Saborskog odbora.

Foto: Emil Čonkić / RAS Srbija

Na sednici Saborskog odbora donet jedinstveni operativni plan organizacije ove manifestacijeprema kome 56. Dragačevski sabor trubača, ove godine traje pet dana (tri trubačka i dva poklon dana) što će povećati broj domaćih i stranih gostiju u odnosu na protekle 3-4 godine za najmanje 100 hiljada. Četvrtak, petak i subotu (11. do 13. avgusta) biće trubački dani, a sreda i nedelja (10. i 14.avgust) poklon dani gostima i ugostiteljima, u kojima će biti priređeni koncerti zabavne i narodne mizike, a u ugostiteljskim objektima i na javnim površinama dozvoljena svaka vrsta muzike, za razliku od tri trubačka dana kada se u Guči jedino može emitovati i čuti samo truba.

Kao mogući koncerti u Guči, pominju se koncert Svetlane Cece Ražnjatović u sredu, a organizator bi u nedelju, 14. avgusta,trubači voleo u Guči da vidi komšije iz Čačka, Boru Čorbu i Miroslava Ilića.

Po mišljenju organizatora ovogodišnji sabor će biti bolji po mnogo čemu od prethodnih. Vlada Republike Srbije je obezbedila 30 miliona za završetak Doma trubača u Guči, čime će biti rešen smeštaj učesnika finalnog takmičenja, pojačaće se i unaprediti programski sadržaji i marketing sabora, podići na viši nivo komunalna higijena, unaprediti saborska infrastruktura i uvesti red u organizaciji.


Serbia’s Small Trumpet Princess Wins Hearts

Serbia’s Small Trumpet Princess Wins Hearts

Being a lady and playing a trumpet is uncommon, says Danijela Veselinovic, the first and only female leader of a Serbian brass band.

Veselinovic first took up the trumpet at the age of eight. | Photo: Courtesy of Danijela Veselinovic

Danijela Veselinovic was only eight years old when she first took a trumpet in her hands. She formed her first band a year later. She’s kept a tight grip on the instrument ever since. Now 22, Veselinovic is an accomplished professional musician who is finishing her musical studies at the Novi Sad Arts Academy. “I started playing trumpet out of curiosity,” Veselinovic remembers. “My father, Mile, bought a trumpet so he could play it. My brothers and I appropriated it as a toy.” Only a year later, in February 2003, the young girl, her brothers, and a few relatives formed a band in their home town of Arilje in western Serbia. The band consisted of six musicians: five boys and a girl, aged six to 10. The band was called Danijela. “I was the only girl, so the orchestra was named after me,” Veselinovic says. Over the years, the unorthodox band has attracted more than a little media attention. Most recently, Serbia’s Vice made a film about the orchestra. “Disanje” (Breathing) brought them to the attention of a much wider audience.


Pioneering a place for women

It was rare to see a girl playing trumpet when Veselinovic and her brothers formed Danijela. It’s still rare today. Veselinovic is the only woman in Serbia’s musical history to lead a brass orchestra. “At first, people are surprised to see me on the stage,” Veselinovic says, “because in Serbia it is not common that girls play this instrument. But then they accept it with huge support.” The band has participated at brass festivals not only in Serbia, but in Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Greece. In addition to the traditional Roma music played by other Serbian bands, Danijela plays brass versions of Serbian and foreign popular music. “Foreigners adore music from the Balkans,” Veselinovic says.


Royalty in the trumpet kingdom

Serbian brass bands perform at weddings, funerals and holiday celebrations throughout the country, but the centre of the trumpet universe is the Guca Trumpet Festival, held each August in a small western Serbia town, around 160 km from Belgrade. The Guca festival gathers music lovers from all over the world. The main attraction is the brass band competition, in which the best ensembles battle it out for the coveted Golden Trumpet award. During the seven-day festival, all you can hear in Guca is the sound of trumpet bands. That’s not just hyperbole. Last year, festival organisers pledged to fine any shop or restaurant caught playing other kinds of music 300,000 dinars (around €2,500). Guca has always been something special for the young band. It’s where they first came to prominence and attracted the attention of Serbia’s musical community. “Guca is where we emerged,” Veselinovic says.

Danijela competed at Guca from 2003 until 2014. The band won a prize at its very first appearance. Veselinovic remembers receiving the trophy from Boban Markovic, a Roma trumpet player who is deemed the greatest trumpeter ever to emerge from the Balkans. “You are a small trumpet princess,” he told her. Since that year, the band has won five additional awards at Guca competitions. Organizers say that since 1961, when the first brass fest took place in Guca, there has never been another female band leader. Veselinovic is especially proud of her place in the musical history of Serbia.

Danijela and her band. | Photo: Courtesy of Danijela Veselinovic

No trumpets, no fun

Playing the trumpet has not always been Veselinovic’s only passion. She is also an accomplished archer. She trained with bow and arrows for a long time and was quite successful, she says, but things changed when she started her musical studies in Novi Sad. “I had to devote more time to trumpet, so archery is now only a hobby,” she says. Some students leave Serbia to pursue musical careers after graduating, but Veselinovic says she may stay. Her first priority is to finish her studies at the Arts Academy. “And then we will see,” she says. Besides, she adds, there are many concerts yet to be played, both as part of her studies in Novi Sad and with her band. But it is not just at concerts and festivals that Veselinovic and her six colleagues perform. She says they have often “adorned various celebrations,” providing musical accompaniment to weddings, funerals, birthdays, anniversaries and other events. “Everyone in Serbia knows there is no fun without trumpets,” she says. “We keep busy playing at private events.” Keep that in mind. Your next party could become a more festive and traditional event with the addition of a trumpet band – maybe even Danijela. If you haven’t heard a Serbian trumpet band, head to Guca – or a kafana in the bohemian quarter in Belgrade’s Skadarlija – and check it out!


This article was published in BIRN’s bi-weekly newspaper Belgrade Insight. Here is where to find a copy. 

Guca Festival Program 2016

(03 – 09 August 2015)


 Monday, 3rd August 2015
11.00 Opening of the Festival – centre of Guča
11.30 Opening of the art exhibitions – Trumpet Museum
13.00 Press conference – Center for Culture
18.00 Opening of the Festival’s book fair – Museum of trumpet
Guest: Vanja Bulić
19.00 Presentation of books and publications
20.00 Cultural and artistic program of the qualifying centers Zlatibor and Boljevac
– stage of the Center for Culture

Tuesday, 4th August 2015
17.00 Cultural and artistic program – stage of the Center for Culture
20.00 Cultural and artistic program of the qualifying centers Surdulica and Kovačica – stage of the Center for Culture
21.30 Performance „They won – they deserved it“ – stage of the Center for Culture

Wednesday, 5th August 2015
16.00 Opening of the exhibition of economy – sports centre

Thursday, 6th August 2015
12.00 Press conference – Center for Culture
17.00 Cultural and artistic program – stage of the Center for Culture
18.00 Competition of young brass bands – stage of the Center for Culture
21.00 Concert: Trumpet Master Ekrem Mamutović– at the stadium
22.00 Concert: Dejan Petrović Big Band– at the stadium
23.30 Concert: Goran Bregović– at the stadium

Friday, 7th August 2015
07.00 Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guča
12.00 Press conference – Center for Culture
13.00 The all-around people’s tournament in traditional sport disciplines – stadium
14.00 Cultural and artistic program – stage of the Center for Culture
17.00 Festival parade – streets of Guča
18.30 The competition of Zdravičari (those who propose toasts),
the national costumes contest – stage of the Center for Culture
19.30 Cultural and artistic program of Festival guests – stage of the Center for Culture
21.00 Concert: Trumpet Master Dejan Jevdjić– at the stadium
22.00 Concert: Boban & Marko Marković– at the stadium
23.30 Midnight concert of brass bands (16 brass bands finalists) – at the stadium

Saturday, 8th August 2015
07.00 Wakening call of the trumpeters – streets of Guča
11.00 Festival parade – streets of Guča
12.00 Improvisation of traditional Dragačevo wedding
– stage of the Center for Culture
13.00 Press conference – Center for Culture
15.00 Cultural and artistic program – stage of the Center for Culture
18.00 Cultural and artistic program „Dragačevo in songs and dances“
– stage of the Center for Culture
21.00 Final competition of brass bands (seniors) – at the stadium
23.00 Concert: Trumpet Master Dejan Lazarević – at the stadium

Sunday, 9th August 2015
12.00 Press conference – Center for Culture
20.00 Concert: Trumpet Master Elvis Ajdinović– at the stadium
21.00 Concert: Sanja Ilić &Balkanika – at the stadium
22.30 Concert of the winners of the 55th Guča Trumpet Festival-at the stadium
23.30 Closing of the Festival
Center for Culture and Sport Lučani in Guca

Ivan Milenkovic trumpet player

Ivan Milenkovic was born in 1983. in Knjazevac. Elementary music school ended in Knjazevac. Secondary music school in Negotin. In elementary school, his first musical direction was harmonica, and later musical direction trumpet. After he ended secondary school, Ivan has began playing with Orchestra Brass band “Barka”.

Awards and Recognition: With the Orchestra Brass band “Barka” successfully wins many competitions, except in Serbia, in many cities and countries around the world and he won many awards. The greatest awards are on the Trumpet Festival in Guca. In the category Youth Orchestras: second place twice time, and one time first place. In the senior category, he won “The Golden Apple” award for the best band and award for best performed folk dance. At the international competition he won award for best Brass band.

Milos Velickovic trumpet player

Milos Velickovic trumpet player

Milos Velickovic, Brass band “Barka”, Knjazevac

Milos Velickovic was born in 1984 in Knjazevac. Milos finish secondary school for machine technician in Knjazevac. With music he deals since 1996, then began to play the accordion with keyboard. He forming Orchestra Brass band “Barka” from Knjazevca, in the 1998. year, when he started to play the trumpet. Awards and Recognition: With Orchestra Brass band “Barka” he has performed at many events, festivals in Serbia, in many cities and countries around the world and won many awards.

The biggest prize was in competition in Guca like the youngest band: 2004. and 2005.,  second place, and in 2006. he won first place. In the senior category: 2011 he won “The Golden Apple” award for the best band in 2012 and the award for Best performed round. At the international competition: 2013. his band get award for the best Guca Brass band. Collaboration: He has cooperation with many famous musicians and composers, and had the honor to be with orchestra “Balkanika” of composer Sanja Ilic.

Dejan Petrovic

Dejan Petrovic u Vrscu

Najmlađi i višestruki pobednik Sabora trubača u Guči i prva truba sveta Dejan Petrović održaće sa svojim Big bendom veliki koncert u hali “Milenijum” u Vršcu 10. marta.
– Kao i sve dosadašnje, i ovaj koncert posvećujem svojoj ćerki Jovani, najvećoj radosti i najvećem pokretaču u životu. Mnoge sam želje ispunio, ostala je još jedna, a to je svetska karijera. Želim da autentičan zvuk srpske trube pronesem svetom – kaže Dejan Petrović. S. M.

– Imamo repertoar i za popularnu glumicu. Samo neka dođe, biće oduševljena – poručuje Lazarević.

Treći Dejan – Jevđić, upotpuniće muzički nastup velikana trube. Najmlađi u svetu nagrada za izvođenje na limenim instrumentima Dejan Jevđić je sa orkestrom “Zao Taro lajt” prošle godine podigao Zlatnu trubu Sabora.

– Radimo predano. Svakodnevno vežbamo za Guču, a mene posebno raduje činjenica da ću nastupati sa imenjacima Lazarevićem i Petrovićem. Moramo za taj koncert da odaberemo najbolji repertoar i budemo posebno dobri. Nema sumnje, ljubiteljima trube ostaće u pamćenju planirana svirka jer nagrade najbolje govore o kvalitetu trubača – kaže Jevđić.

Koncert trojice Dejana, trubačkih superstarova, novina je ove godine. Dosad su najbolji svirali na ponoćnom koncertu, a “Tri D” upriličen je kao poseban poklon organizatora ljubiteljima trube.

Dejan Lazarevic: Uskoro će svetlost dana ugledati novi CD sa specifičnim balkanskim zvukom koji je Lazarević radio u saradnji sa popularnim čačanskim bendom.

Dejan PetrovicDejan vec spremio repertoar

– Nastupićemo verovatno u nešto modernijoj varijanti na ovogodišnjem Saboru trubača. Naravno, srpska tradicija je deo svakog našeg nastupa, ali ove godine ćemo koncert obogatiti novim numerama, veoma zanimljivim. Planirano goste, u svakom slučaju obećavamo odličnu zabavu i kvalitetan program – kaže Lazarević. On dodaje da bi ga radovalo da u Guču dođu zvučna imena poput filmske dive Džulije Roberts, pa ako se to obistini, Lazarević će kao i njegov kolega biti spreman.


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