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Transport Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade

Transfer Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade with cheap Accommodation
Guca trumpet festival (10-14. August)
1. Transportation Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade,
2. Accommodation: in hotels near Guca or in two and three bed rooms in motel Curcic or inprivate homes (guest houses) in the center of Guca. Places are limited, and reservations are necessary,
3. Special offer: Transportation and Accommodation for 4 days – arrangement,
4. Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and tour operators.
– the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church. The drive last around 3 hours and we arrive in Guca in the afternoon,
– your Guca hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation,
– after we accommodate, you can relax and enjoy your one and only trip to this festival of trumpeters,
– during your stay, we can organize different activities and excursions such as: Visit to Mountain Zlatibor, Sargans Eight
– the narrowest narrow – Gage railroad, Mećavnik
– film city of Emir Kusturica, unique ethno village Sirogojno, Tara rafting and many more.
If you interesting for reservation of apartment in Guca, you can contact us by email on or calling one of numbers +381(64)5558581.

Bus transportation with ticket price from main bus station Belgrade to Cacak and Guca (Belgrade-Cacak-Guca) or transfer Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade.

Ceca Raznatovic concert, Cetvrtak, 07.08.2014 Guca stadion

Ceca Raznatovic concert, Cetvrtak, 10.08.2016 Guca stadion


TransportationNumber of personOne way total price
Return total price
Private, max. 4 persons 99.99199.99
Private, max. 6 persons 149.99299.99
Private, max. 8 persons 199.99399.99
Private, max. 16 persons299.99599.99
Private, max. 24 persons 399.99799.99
* Please check the cost of your ticket directly with the carrier if you arrive with public transportation.


Mokra Gora Program – 8 days

Mokra Gora Program – 8 days
Brace yourself for a unique Serbian experience! Visit the beautiful mountainside of Western Serbia and enjoy the renowned ethno villages and specialties. Enrich yourselves with a taste of life in the Balkans. Take a piece of Serbia with You.Tour highlights:
– scenic landscapes and gentle slopes of Zlatibor,
Zlatibor Lake,
– scenic hiking routes to Čigota filled with pinewoods, therapeutic for the people with thyroid gland problems,
– mountain and River Tara with its scenic views and crystal clear water,
– monastery and Pension Soko Grad,
– famous scenic railroad Šarganska Osmica,
– “Wooden City” Mećavnik built by Emir Kusturica,
– 200 – year old Ethno Village Sirogojno,
– handmade arts and crafts form Sirogojno, which are the latest fashion trend in the ethno styles,.
– Stopić Cave,
– NATO bombing ruins in Belgrade.Day 1: Saturday
Arrival at Belgrade Airport. Departure for Zlatibor with quick stop for lunch. Arrival at Zlatibor. Accomodation in Villa “u Lugu”. Dinner and rest.Day 2: Sunday
Breakfast. Sightseeing on Zlatibor with a shuttle with several stops. Lunch and rest. Hiking tour to Cigota. Dinner and rest.

Day 3: Monday [Field Trip 1]
Breakfast. Departure for Mokra Gora. Ride on the scenic railroad Sarganska Osmica, which was the location for the filming of Emir Kusturica movie Life is a Miracle. Arrival at Mecavnik, “Wooden City” which was designed and constructed by the famous director. Departure for Bajina Bašta with a stop for sightseeing of the lake. Return to Zlatibor. Dinner and rest.

Day 4: Tuesday [Field Trip 2]
Breakfast. Departure for Sirogojno. Tour of the Ethno – Village and the museum. Shopping for handmade arts and craft, for which this area is famous for. Ethnic lunch and return to Zlatibor with a stop for the tour of Stopica Cave. Dinner and rest.

Day 5: Wednesday [Field Trip 3]
Breakfast. Departure for Soko Grad near Ljubovija with a visit to the monastery. Lunch. Trip to Kozja Stena, the most scenic view from Mt. Tara. Return to Zlatibor. Dinner and rest.

Day 6: Thursday
Breakfast. Free time before lunch. After the lunch a scenic hiking tour. After the hiking tour some rest and dinner. Good Bye Party and rest.

Day 7: Friday
Return to Belgrade. Lunch in Belgrade. Dinner and Goodbye Party on one of the famous rafts in Belgrade. Rest.

Day 8: Saturday
Early breakfast. Transfer to Belgrade Airport

What else:
– you will eat healthy food and as a souvenir you will take some specialties with you,
– clean and fresh mountain air at high altitudes which is of benefit for the people with respiratory problems,
– participate in health and fitness program on Čigota,
– take a bath or drink water from crystal clear rivers on Tara and Zlatibor,
– have a relaxing holiday in the parts of Serbia where nature is unaffected by industrial development,
– surprise gift.

Tour details:
– 7 Nights with Half Board,
– 8 lunches,
– 2 Transfers,
– 3 Field Trips.

Guide Service: 2 persons, Tickets and Fees for all locations.

A unique Serbian experience awaits you. Unique tours offered by Outdoor open the doors to the hidden treasures of Serbian nature and culture. Visit the crossroads of Western and Eastern civilization and the region that forged much of the European history. Once You leave, take a piece of Serbia in Your heart. Program is based on minimum 6 persons.

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