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Transport Airport Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade, Accommodation, Activities

Transport airport
Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade, Accommodation, Excursions, Activities
1.Transportation Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade
 We arrange transportation from airport Belgrade to Guca and back to Belgrade. Transfer time about 3 hours. How more persons goes on the same transfer how cheaper it is. Send a date, and contact details like number of person, time when you arrive, where you want to pick you up on or call us on +381(64)5558581;

After you receive our offer you decide if you want to book transportation or not.

If you arrive at Belgrade airport take the bus to the bus station. Take here the bus directly to Guca or first to Cacak and than to Guca. Schedule table you can check here:


TransportationNumber of personOne way/per personReturn price/per person
Private, max. 3 persons 40 EUR80 EUR
Private, max. 6 persons 35 EUR70 EUR
Private, max. 8 persons 30 EUR60 EUR
Private, max. 16 persons25 EUR50 EUR
Private, max. 24 persons 20 EUR40 EUR

2. Accommodation: in hotels/motel near Guča or in two and three bed rooms in private homes in the center of Guča. Places are limited, and reservations are necessary,



Prices valid until 01.05.

Private Accommodation:

AccommodationNumber of personNumber of nightsIncluding one meal per dayPrice (EUR)
Motel „As“ GucaMinimum 2 person3yessend request
Hotel „Zlatna truba“ GucaMinimum 2 person4yessend request
Hotel Lucani, GucaMinimum 2 person4yessend request
Tourism Resort Vajat, DragacevoMinimum 2 person3yessend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person5lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person4lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person3lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person2lunch -8 EURsend request
Konak Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person1lunch -8 EURsend request
Accommodation taxPer person1-


Motel Curici, Guca:

CategoryRoom TypePrice per personMin days
1/2Double Roomsend request5
1/3Triple roomsend request5
1/4Four bed roomsend request5
1/1Single roomsend request4
1/2Double Roomsend request4
1/3Triple roomsend request4
1/4Four bed roomsend request4
1/1Single roomsend request3
1/2Double Roomsend request3
1/3Triple roomsend request3
1/4Four bed roomsend request3
1/1Single roomsend request2
1/2Double Roomsend request2
1/3Triple roomsend request2
1/4Four bed roomsend request2
1/1Single roomsend request1
1/2Double Roomsend request1
1/3Triple roomsend request1
1/4Four bed roomsend request1
xExtra payment Lunchsend request
xAccomodation taxsend request


Prices valid until 01.05.

Name of CampNumber of personNumber of person / nightMinimum daysLocationPrice (EUR)
Camp "Curcic", Gucamore than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camp "Curcic", Gucaless than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camp "Guca", Gucamore than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camp "Guca", Gucaless than 10 person13Across the stadiumsend request
Camping "Center", Gucamore than 10 person13Police stationsend request
Camping "Centar", Gucaless than 10 person13Police stationsend request


3. Special offer: Transportation and Accommodation for two, three and four days arrangement across the stadium, in Motel Inn Curcic. The biggest facilties in Guca, with more than 150 beds, plus private houses near motel, total 250 beds,

4. Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and Tour operators.

– the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church.
The drive last around 3 hours and we arrive in Guča in the afternoon
– your Guča hosts will welcome you and take you to the accommodation,
– after we accommodate, you can relax and enjoy your one and only trip to this festival of trumpeters,
– during your stay

We can organize different activities and excursions such as:
– Visit to Mountain Zlatibor, Sargan` s Eight
– the narrowest narrow
– gage railroad, Mecavnik
– film city of Emir Kusturica, unique ethno village Sirogojno, Tara rafting and many more.

If you interesting for reservation of apartment in Guca, you can contact us by
email on or calling number +381(64)5558581.

Guca – The Best Serbian festival

Guca – The Best Serbian festival
Every year in August the sleepy town of Guca turns into a big party, the air is filled with the sound of trumpets and smell of grilled meat, streets with dancing and drinking people… More than 600,000 visitors make their way to the town of 2,000 people, both from Serbia and abroad. This is the best Serbian festival considering that Exit festival visit about 150.000 people and Guca Trumpet Festival in 2012 visit 600.000 people, and in 2013 about 450.000 people.

Elimination heats earlier in the year mean only a few dozen bands get to compete. Guca’s official festival is split into three parts. Friday’s opening concert, Saturday night celebrations and Sunday’s competition. Friday’s concerts are held at the entrance to the official Guca Festival building. This event features previous winners, each band getting to play three tunes while folk dancers, all kitted out in bright knitting patterns, dance kolos and oros in front of a hyped-up audience.

 An English party site,, has named Guca the best festival in the world.

 Forget Glastonbury, Reading, Burning Man and Coachella: “The wildest music festival on earth is a cacophonic and crazy brass band festival that takes place every summer in the tiny Serbian town of Guča in the western region of Dragacevo”.

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