Accommodation DEBELA GORA Guca

Accommodation DEBELA GORA Guca (Private guest house) is located in the Western Morava valley, which cuts through the gorge between Sheepdog and Kablar Shepherd Spa is located 161 kilometers away from Belgrade and 18 km from Cacak. Thick mountains, slopes covered in dense forest at the foot of Shepherd, the most hidden place of the Shepherd of the Spa. There are built in the same house, building in traditional style adapted to the needs of modern life.
Thick worse, studio type apartments, although built in traditional style and meet all the demands of modern life. Two separate studies equipped with four beds, a kitchenette and bathroom, situated in a quiet part of the spa. They are located near the outdoor swimming pool, overlooking the rocky Kablar Annunciation and monastery.


Type of roomNumber of personPrice to rent/per day
1/2Double roomsend request
1/3Triple roomsend request
1/4Room with 4 bedssend request
XAccommodation taxsend request


+ 381.64.555.8581
Accommodation DEBELA GORA GucaAccommodation DEBELA GORA GucaAccommodation DEBELA GORA Guca
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