Excursions and Activities

Excursions and Activities Special arrangement for group of 10 and more peoples and Tour operators. – the departure from Belgrade on first day of festival, in front of the Saint Marko`s church. More »


GUCA ACCOMMODATION 2017 We organize private accommodation in our motel Inn Curcic (Konak Curcic), Guca Also we rent every year capacities in few hotels/villas in Guca and in hotels couple kilometers from More »

Guca Camping

GUCA CAMPING Camps “Curcic” and “Guca” and is located just couple meters from stadium where all concerts organize. Camping “Centar” is located near Police station. Camp “Serbia4Youth” first time in 2013 bring More »


Transportation airport Belgrade-Guca-Belgrade, Accommodation, Excursions, Activities (Guca Trumpet Festival 2015) 1.Transportation Belgrade – Guca – Belgrade We arrange transportation from Belgrade to Guca and back to Belgrade. Transfer time about 3 hours. How More »



We organize private accommodation in our motel Inn Curcic (Konak Curcic), Guca Also we rent every year capacities in few hotels/villas in Guca and in hotels couple kilometers from Guca. Near Motel Inn Curcic (Guesthouse Inn Konak), we have about 12-15 guesthouses (private accommodation) and also private Camp.

Accommodations include one strong meal per person per day trough Guca Trumpet Festival.  All accommodation types are in the center of Guca, cross the stadium or just couple meters from stadium (motel, hotel, guest houses). Parking is FREE for our guests. More than 15.000 people from all over the world stay with us. Of all people who come on Guca Trumpet Festival from abroad (not ex Yugoslav Republic), about 40% stay with us. All over guest bring with them flag of its country, so every year we make couple multinational parties, where people meet each other, calibrate, go together on concerts, make Birthday parties or come on Honeymoon.

We make transfer from Belgrade airport to Guca. Our company work exclusively for Trumpet Festival, like the biggest Official Guca Accommodation. This is our mission, and we try last 15 years to promote Brass Bands Festival in other countries, to bring as much as we can people and in same time to support as we can the best service and accommodation.

Please note that Guca is a village with about 200-250 houses, just two hotels and one motel. All other accommodation types are private houses. So, if you plan to visit Festival, try to send request on time.

In Guca, unfortunately we can’t provide accommodation where guest can use Spa or Wellness center or Jacuzzi. We can provide this luxury accommodation just in some city out of Guca.  Also we have very small numbers of apartments. Be aware that people come here to party all the time, to meet other people, celebrate all the time.

Our accommodation is one of the best, and we have capacities to cover a lot of accommodation for people who want to come in Guca Trumpet Festival.

All reservation need to be pay before you arrive in Guca. We have some times 40 different individual comings on reception, and for better organization payment need to be done before you arrive. Also, we need names for all people who come. Usually we can change type of room if some of your friends decide to come with you, and you need one or more beds. You do not need to make extra payment, we will just write this on Voucher.



Prices valid until 01.05.

Private accommodationNumber of personPrice per person / nightMinimum daysIncluding one meal per dayPrice (EUR)
Motel Inn “Ćurčić”, Gucamore than 10 person125 EUR extra pay32.99
Motel Inn “Ćurčić”, Gucaless than 10 person125 EUR extra pay35.99
Village Guca (centar)more than 10 person12No32.99
Village Guca (centar)less than 10 person12No35.99
Accommodation around Gucamore than 10 person11No19.99
Accommodation around Gucaless than 10 person11No24.99
Rural households around Gucamore than 10 person12No24.99
Rural households around Gucaless than 10 person12No29.99




Prices valid until 01.05.

Accommodation in hotel / motelNumber of personMinimum daysIncluding one meal per dayPrice (EUR)
Motel „As“ GucaMinimum 2 person3BreakfastRESERVED
Hotel „Zlatna truba“ GucaMinimum 3 person3Breakfast80
Hotel Lucani, GucaMinimum 2 person4BreakfastRESERVED
Tourism Resort Vajat, DragacevoMinimum 2 person3Breakfast54.99
Motel Inn Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person5extra payment -5 EUR29.99
Motel Inn Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person4extra payment -5 EUR31.99
Motel Inn Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person3extra payment -5 EUR33.99
Motel Inn Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person2extra payment -5 EUR35.99
Motel Inn Curcic, GucaMinimum 2 person1extra payment -5 EUR37.50
Accommodation taxPer person/night1-1.20
ParkingPer vehicleAll daysFREE0.00


Terms of payment: After we receive request for reservation we will send you confirmation email and Invoice for payment. Prices are valid until 01.05.

Please note that more than 600.000 people visit Festival for just couple days and that numbers of beds are limited. We need names for all person who will come. We will organize together evenings for all our guests, so please bring with you national flag of your country.

Please contact us for reservation of accommodation in  Guca:

Email: guca@booking-hotels.biz

Phone: +381(64)5558581;


For bands that want to participate on Guca Trumpet Festival, please send email on guca@booking-hotels.biz with subject “Guca Brass band”. Our team of managers leading Brass Band “Barka“, and we are proud that we can help some band to get international experience going on other festivals from Europe, Asia, to Australia, Canada and America.


Until 01.05.2017 we will make reservation with discount price for all tourism agencies from all over the world like: Slovenia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Moldavia, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ireland, US America, Canada, Turkey, Japan, China, Luxembourg’s, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Holland and all other countries all over the world.

A lot of National Tourism Organizations from all over the World is our partners in promotion of Guca Brass Bands Festival. There are some of them: